Financial Status

Financial Status

Annual fees charged from students of different programmes and annual fees fixed by the state Govt. for different programmes.

S.No. Programme Total Annual Fee Charged by the institution (Current session) Fee fixed by the state Government (Current Session)
1 D.El.Ed. First Year 3300/- 3300/-
2 D.El.Ed. Second Year 3080/- 3080/-

Mention if fee concession or scholarships are given to student : YES
Income during the previous academic session

S.No. Head / Source of Income Income in INR (Write NA for not applicable)
1 Income from fees 25580
2 Grant received from state govt. if any 60000
3 Income from other sources: donation etc. ******
Total Income 85580

Expenditure during the previous Academic Session


S.No. Head of Expenditure Expenditure in INR (Write NA for not applicable)
A Capital Expenditure NA
1 Expenditure incurred on augmentation of infrastructure 000
2 Expenditure incurred on augmentation of Instructional Resources 75000
B Recurring Expenditure
3 Staff Salary 8042032
4 Interest Payment on loans NA
5 Loan Repayment NA
6 Miscellaneous expenditure 103434
C. Transfer to Capital Account
7 Transfer to Governing Body
Total Expenditure 8220466