Has the institution constituted the Management Committee : Yes

Details of the members of the Management Committee :

Sr.No. Name Educational Qualification Professional Occupation Designation
1 Adv. Arunk B. Shelke B.Sc. LLB President
2 Shri Harihar B. Thakre B.E. Member
3 Adv. M.K. Deshmukh M.A.LLB. Member
4 Sau. A.A.Utkhede M.A. M.Ed. Secretary
5 Shri. N.B.Dharmale M.A. M.P.Ed. Staff Representative
6 Sau. S.S.Deshmukh M.A.(Eng) Administrative staff representative

No. of meeting of the Management Committee held during the previous academic session : 02

Has institution established a Grievance Redressal Machanism : yes

Has the institution established anti-regging mechanism : yes

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Periodicity of Website Revision : Bimonthly.